From humble beginings ​​​in 1874


Thursday Night Footy Is Back!!!

We're excited to welcome back our 'in-house' U6 and U7 Rippa Rugby matches back home, to Western Springs!! Check out the draw above.

Our bar and kitchen is open each night for drinks and hot meal. We welcome all players, families and friends to join in and enjoy our clubrooms after the games.

About the club

​​​​​​​Ponsonby Rugby Club is the longest standing grassroots club in Auckland, New Zealand, having been operating for over nearly 150 years! It serves the wider Ponsonby community as not only a rugby club, but a hub for the community to come together, connect with other people and families, and foster a love of sports in our tamariki.

PRC is well known for its dominance in the Auckland Rugby club competition, both nationally and internationally as a result of winning the coveted Gallaher Shield 35 times (and the regional championship 50 times), far more than any other club. The Club has also produced more All Blacks than any other club in New Zealand.


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