Club Officials:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mark Hooper 
General Manager

Stephen Brown
Junior Chairperson

Rocky Khan

​​​​​​​Rugby Development Officer

Peter Thorp

​​​​​​​Club President

Chris Clews

Sandra Ioane
Club Administrator

​​​​​​​Officers of the club:

Patron: K.A. Nelson.

Vice-Patrons: M.E. Scott, P.J. Adrian, R.W. Paterson, P.K. Harwood, B.G. Williams, P.H. Thorp.

President: P.Thorp

Vice-presidents: J Campbell, J.M. Cleary, B.J. Craies, M.J. Dick, A.M. Haden, B.C. Lough, J.A. Murray, G. Penney, M.W. Trapp, R. Whetton, P.J. Whiting, J. White, G.M. Willoughby. J.Ward, E. Ioane

Life members: P.J. Adrian, P.K. Harwood, J. Huch, K.A. Nelson, C. Partridge, R.W. Paterson, P. Thorp, D.F.J. Ward, B.G. Williams, C.J. Williams, N. Wolfgram, B Banks, D.Mansfield ,J Stanley, E Ioane, S Ioane, C.Clews

Trustees: P.H. Thorp (Chairman), N. Wolfgram, B. Wentwroth, S. Turner, B.G. Williams.

Hon. Solicitors: K.P. McDonald, A.C. Roberts, B.G. Williams.

Hon. Barrister: P.H. Thorp.

Hon. Treasurer: Deloitte

Hon. Auditor: Hudson and Kasper.

Hon. Doctors: Dr L. Drake, Dr S. Kara.

Hon. Dentist: K.A. Nelson. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Management Committee: 

C. Clews (Chairman)

M.Hooper (General Manager)

E Ioane

Sir BG. Williams

C Wagstaff

R. Khan (Rugby Development Officer)

S. Ioane (Club Administrator)

B. Metson (Senior ARU Delegate)

H. Heeney


C. Baker-Smith




M.Barnes (Senior ARU Delegate)

​​​​​​​L.Afitu (Accountant)


J.Tetini (Vice President)

​​​​​​​Stephen Brown (Junior Chairman)