2019 Registrations are now open. Emails have been sent out to all 2018 registered players. Please contact your teams and encourage early registration.

2019 Grade Chart - please note new Girls only grades.

2019 Grades.png

Info on formats and rules for each junior grade.


Thank you for volunteering to be a Junior Coach or Manager for Ponsonby Rugby. This page is designed to be the go to place for all the info you may need to effectively run your teams.

New information will be added to this page during the season.  Please check weekly to keep up to date.

All C&M need to be registered with the Auckland Rugby Union.  If you have not registered please follow one of the links below.  There is no costs involved with registration.

To register as a Junior Coach click here.

To register as a Junior Manager/Volunteer click here.

Grade Coordinators 2018

If you have any queries or need to report an incident on/off the field please contact your Grade Coordinator in the first instance.  

  • U6/U7 - Paul Flatt - or 021 653 091

  • U8 - Carly Puletiuatoa -

  • U9/U10 - Geoff Buchanan -

  • U11/U12/U13 - Chris Allen - or 021 796 550

If you have an issue that needs escalating please contact Chris "Fritter" Allen - 021 796 550.

Ponsonby Rugby Junior ARU Delegates

  • Ponsonby City - Geoff Buchanan -

  • Ponsonby Kelston - Patrick Rhodes -

Waiheke Games

Some weekends, teams will need to travel to Waiheke, if this is your team, the ARU will subsidize $200 – which you obtain from Sandra to help with the fares for the players ONLY.  The manager from the Waiheke team will contact our team manager to organise the trip over and will give you further details for the day. 

C&M Evening 

Our C&M evening will be held on Thursday 4th April 2019, 6:30-7:30pm at the clubrooms. All coaches and Mangers must attend this meeting as important season information and gear bags will be handed out.


All Junior coaches must attend a Small Black Course or a Jnr Coaching Expo - the NZRU have stipulated that this course is compulsory.

U8 teams must also attend an ARU Tackle Box event.  This is where the ARU sign off that the coach and players are using the correct technique when tackling.

U13 Coaches must also complete a Rugby Smart course.

For a further course and registration details as well as days/times please visit the ARU website. Please ensure you register and attend these courses.

Refereeing - U8 and above

All teams will need to provide a referee for home games.  This is great way to get parents involved in helping you. To referee an U8(tackle) and above game the referee(s) must attend a Associate Referee course . This is to ensure the safety of the players during a game.

For a further referee course info and registration details as well as days/times please visit the ARU website. Please ensure you register and attend these courses.

If you do not have a referee that has attended the Junior Club(Associate) Referee course games involving tackle cannot be played.  This is stated in the ARU Junior C&M Handbook.

Training Gear

Tackle bags, hit shields are available at all 3 training venues – Coxes Reserve, Western Springs & Archibald Park – if you require access to the gear sheds, please contact Sandra directly.

The TAN [indoor training facility] at Western Springs is available for teams to use, this is on a shared basis.  The TAN is open on training days.  NO parents are to drive their cars across the top field, park on the concrete and walk across.

Lights – Coxes/Western Springs Outer

Lights at Western Springs will be turned on, Monday-Thursday from 5.30pm

Lights at Coxes Bay Reserve need a code, please contact Sandra directly for the code

All Junior teams need to be off the training fields no later than 6.15pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for the seniors to start by 6.30pm

Important Information 2018

2019 Season Dates - TBC

Weekly Draws - click here to find weekly draws, cancellations and field changes.

ARU Cancellation Line - 09 815 4828. 

ARU Website(Juniors) -

Field Layouts  - Western Springs Outer fields and Coxes Bay 

Prize Giving - Sat 7th September 2019