Ponies membership includes;



Playing membership                      Included in annual team subscription
Non-Playing membership            $20

To become a non-playing member, please complete a membership form and make payment to the club via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

NEW Social Club membership    $30

The bar tab for the weekly winner will be $30 and will jackpot for three weeks. The winner must be present at the Clubrooms but does not need to be using their glassware. 


To pay for your membership please choose one of the following options:

  • Internet payment to ANZ, Ponsonby;  06 0153 0214333 00
    For existing members use ‘EXPLAY’ (player),  ‘EXNPLAY’ (non-player),  ‘EXSC’ (social club) and ‘Your Surname’ as a reference.  For new members use ‘NPLAY’ (player),  ‘NNPLAY’ (non-player),  ‘NSC’ (social club) and ‘Your Surname’ as a reference.

  • Post cheque to;  PO Box 47023, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144
  • Pay at the bar on your next visit

NOTE: If you are a new member, please confirm with Sandra that a membership to the Social Club is available first. Social Club memberships not renewed by 11th April will be made available to other club members.

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Remember to include your NZRU Registration Form if you're a Playing Member. See "How To Pay" above for the three different ways to pay your fees.
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See "How To Pay" above for the three different ways to pay your fees.
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